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Building confidence one word at a time.  

Meet Ms. Kelly

Writing and Student Success Coach

Post-pandemic students are struggling to prepare for writing in college and the workforce. Students have missed critical writing and reading instruction
leading up to the skills they are currently trying to master. 

As someone deeply passionate about writing, I understand the challenges young writers face. Good communication and self understanding is more vital than ever. Writing is a skill that can be mastered and a journey of self expression and discovery. The ability to convey thoughts and ideas through writing is crucial for success.


Whether crafting college admissions essays, writing an essay for English class, expressive journaling for mental health, strong writing skills will open doors to countless opportunities.

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My Philosophy

Empowering Confidence

Student empowerment is a priority in harnessing the transformative power of written expression.  I believe in fostering a sense of autonomy and confidence within each student, equipping them with the tools and strategies necessary to overcome challenges, express themselves authentically, and achieve their academic and personal goals through writing.


Integrity forms the cornerstone of my work as an academic and student success tutor specializing in expressive writing coaching. I adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct, maintaining professionalism, honesty, and confidentiality in all interactions with students, parents, and educational institutions. I prioritize transparency and accountability, ensuring that my coaching practices uphold the principles of academic integrity and respect for each student's voice and creative process.

Individual Support

Recognizing that each student has unique experiences, perspectives, and writing styles, I prioritize individualized approaches to coaching. By tailoring my guidance and feedback to meet the specific needs and goals of each student, I ensure that they receive personalized support that honors their identity, creativity, and self-expression.

Developing Growth Mindset

I believe in the value of lifelong learning and

continuous growth, both for myself and for my students. I am committed to staying updated on the latest research, methodologies, and best practices in expressive writing coaching, constantly seeking opportunities to refine my skills and expand my knowledge base to better serve my students on their writing journey.

"You learn to write by writing." ~W. Zinnsser

"I have been searching for a tutor that would get into the psychology behind why I stand in my way and understands the internal battle that happens within neurodivergent folks when we just want to sit down and do our work. I am so excited to work with Kelly!"

Henna S., Ontario


Let's Get Started!

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