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Does your AP English student aspire to a 5 on the AP exam?

  • Does your college-bound homeschooled student want to earn a 5 on their AP English exam?

  • As they aspire to be accepted to one of the “reach” schools on their college application list, are they stressed out and questioning their abilities?

  • Have you purchased every test prep book available but are struggling to discern what the AP English exam truly requires?

Our Services

As an AP Lang tutor, I can help...

  • As an AP Lang tutor, I provide effective guidance and support as your student gains the skills and confidence needed to excel.  I will create a success plan created specifically for your student as they work toward earning the best score possible.

  • I understand that time is of the essence, and this is why I prioritize efficient and effective learning strategies so your student feels confident as they learn to correctly answer multiple choice and short answer questions and write successful free response essays with time to spare.

  • Students will learn to analyze prompts quickly, organize their thoughts, and write concisely and persuasively—all within the tight time constraints of the exam.

  • Importantly, I am not here to teach exam strategies. I want to cultivate a love for lifelong learning and foster critical thinking skills that will benefit students beyond the AP exam.

  • My goal is to equip students with lifelong skills in communication, analysis, and expression that will serve them in college and beyond.

Finding Success In Writing

"Cares and works to make sessions valuable and

enjoyable. Session synopsis are thorough and illustrative of the effort

she puts into the session. She's a gem that we hope can continue

with our child during summer break and preparing for SATs and

college essays." ~John W. 

I can help you write well...

  • As an English Professor, college-level abilities hover in the back of my mind as I begin working with my students where they are.

  • My educational toolbox is bursting with the tools and strategies that not only teach skills like analysis and critical thinking but also prepare students for the expectations of college writers. 

  • I provide intensive, personalized one-on-one tutoring.

  • Students catch up and succeed in their classes quickly.

  • My students raise their writing scores by at least one grade level at the end of 10, twice weekly, tutoring sessions.

B90A5570 (1).jpeg
Post-pandemic students are struggling
to prepare for writing in college and the workforce.

Students have missed critical writing and reading instruction
leading up to the skills they are currently trying to master. 

Let's make a plan for your student's success.
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