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Definition of Eclipse: What is yours?

Eclipse: The definition of eclipse is simply to obscure or block out light.

Yesterday, millions of people stopped to pause at the wonder of the space we live in, minimizing this greatness to a mere few moments of awe that resonated through a population of those living, literally, in the moment.

My family was lucky to be able to travel to the Path of Totality and feel the experience of our Earth taking a few moments to remind us how precious it truly is. We sat laughing and talking by a sparkling river and noticed how the Earth took in a deep breath with us as the moon and sun played tag with the Earth. It was amazing.

We arrived home late in the day, tired but still amazed. After a good sleep, life was surprisingly back to normal this morning, but as I poured my coffee, grabbed my favorite pen, and sat to reflect in my journal, the wonder I had experienced was a little hard to express. I needed a nudge and created these reflective writing prompts for myself and I am sharing these with you.

I would love to know what you write about. Share your thoughts in the comments.

  1. Reflect on your emotions and thoughts as you witnessed the solar eclipse. How did the experience make you feel, and did it provoke any unexpected reactions?

  2. Describe the scene around you during the solar eclipse. What were the sounds, smells, and feelings in the air? How did the environment change as the eclipse progressed?

  3. Consider the symbolism of the solar eclipse. What do you think it represents, both scientifically and metaphorically? How does this symbolism relate to your own life experiences?

  4. Write about any personal insights or revelations you had during the solar eclipse. Did it spark any new perspectives or understandings about yourself, the world, or the universe?

  5. Reflect on the significance of the solar eclipse in relation to history and culture. How have eclipses been viewed and interpreted throughout human civilization, and what lessons can we draw from them today?

  6. Consider the impact of the solar eclipse on your sense of connection with nature and the cosmos. Did it deepen your appreciation for the natural world, or change your perspective on humanity's place in the universe?

  7. Write about any spiritual or existential questions that the solar eclipse raised for you. Did it evoke feelings of wonder, awe, or introspection? How did you grapple with these deeper thoughts and feelings?

  8. Reflect on the collective experience of witnessing the solar eclipse with others. How did sharing this moment with friends, family, or strangers affect your sense of community and belonging?

  9. Consider the scientific significance of the solar eclipse. What did you learn about astronomy, physics, or the mechanics of the solar system from observing the eclipse firsthand?

  10. Reflect on how you will carry the memories and lessons of the solar eclipse forward in your life. How might this experience influence your future decisions, beliefs, or actions?

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I went to eat in Mexico as the moon obscured the light of the Sun. I think it was about 75% and the light in the courtyard slowly dimmed. I saw other people out looking up in town. I was fortunate to nab some eclipse glasses so I could enjoy the moments. When I entered the restaurant, I set the glasses on the table and invited the waiters to check out the eclipse. They were all smiles when they returned the glasses. Then we stopped at the neighborhood market and invited those workers to enjoy the view of the sun and moon. The glasses were left with the workers so they could enjoy the remainder of the eclipse with o…

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