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Write Well Weekly - Is your child prepared for rigorous college reading and writing?

Preparing Your Child for College

Preparing your high schooler for the reading and writing demands of college can be daunting for parents supporting their student’s academic goals. This is no easy task. Whether you are navigating homeschooling or the public school scene, preparing your child for the rigors of college should begin early.

Here's the inside scoop on making sure they're all set for those college-level reading and reading for writing in college:


First things first – let's mix it up! 📚 Throw in a mix of genres, styles, and authors. It's like a literary buffet, preparing them for the smorgasbord of texts waiting in college.

Reading is Key

Now, let's get active with reading. 🕵️ Help students discover notetaking strategies that work for their brain. There is no one-size-fits-all all approach. The way you take notes might work for you, but try multiple strategies to find how your student is most successful. Read, take notes, then discuss that reading. It's not just reading; it's like a book club for one, getting them ready to tackle college-level analytical thinking.

Look Beyond the Obvious

Sprinkle in a bit of both worlds – classic and contemporary literature, science, and math. Yep. I just encouraged you to have your child read about Math. Jumping across disciplines is excellent practice in critical thinking and making important academic connections. 🔄 Some students struggle to engage with literature, but you can make it a journey by reading with them. It's like giving them a literary time-travel experience, so they're all set for anything college throws at them.

Make the Time

Time management – it's a lifesaver. ⏰ Show them the ropes of breaking down those hefty assignments. Trust us; it beats the last-minute panic. Like notetaking, managing our allotted 24 hours well is often finding what works for your student. Practice research skills by reading about and implementing several strategies…there are hundreds of ideas sprinkled throughout the internet. Do not be afraid to jump in and lead by example, and you might just find a system that works well for you, too!

Technology is Your Friend

Tech time! 🌐 Get them comfy with online resources. Colleges love their digital platforms, so a little practice now goes a long way later. Is your student a gamer? Great! Challenge your student to learn new gaming platforms to develop and reduce anxiety over learning new technology and spark their give-it-a-go growth mindset. Learning by trial and error, without fearing failure, will reduce student anxiety as they do hard things in college.

Reach for AP

Thinking about AP courses? 🤔 They're not just extra letters – they're like a sneak peek into the college-level hustle. Complex texts? They'll handle it like champs. Find those who know to help support you and your student. Connect with an AP Academic coach and AP English seminars are excellent resources for AP exam success. Remember, you are not in this alone. The College Board provides practice exams you can use to determine if your student is ready to dip their toes into what is expected of first-year college students.

Discussion and Reading Promotes Learning

Keep the chat flowing. 🗣️ Discussions about what they're reading? It's not just academic, it's prepping them for those lively college classroom talks.

Oh, and the love for reading? ❤️ Make it a thing. When they enjoy what they read, tackling those college-level texts becomes a breeze. When you enjoy what you read, then they adopt that mindset for themselves. Reading, discussing, and writing together is the most powerful educational tool you can use to help your student prepare for college.

So there you have it – a mix of genres, some active reading, a sprinkle of classic and contemporary, a dash of time management, a tech-savvy touch, maybe some AP courses, a lot of discussions, and a heap of love for reading. Your high schooler? Totally ready for the college reading adventure! 🚀📚

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Do not forget to share your thoughts or questions in the comments below. What's your go-to genre, and how are you prepping for the literary adventure ahead? Let's chat! 💬📚

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