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Why do you teach writing online? 

Online writing tutoring works for students.Here are a few of the great things online writing affords parents and students:

  • Online tutoring prepares students for the online learning environments they are likely to encounter in the future.

  • Teaches tech literacy.

  • Students have additional immediate access to a writing tutor via Google Docs, text, and e-mail.

  • Allows parents to multitask.  

  • Saves time - there is no commute 

Teaching is my calling, and writing well is my passion.  Watching the look on students’ faces as they realize that writing is a skill they can master is why I work hard to help students find their authentic writing voice


Over the past two decades, I have been looking for a way that I could incorporate my passion for writing while applying the knowledge gained through my education and teaching experience. My goal is to show students that they can write well and apply this skill to their academics and beyond.


Tutoring online as a writing tutor and coach has convinced me that students learn faster, retain more, and improve beyond their peers with 1:1 tutoring and working with students from San Francisco to Dubai is fun and fulfilling.


Being a successful educator has allowed me to travel for speaking engagements at national conferences, participate as a reader for the AP Language and Composition exams, and participate in K-12 writing assessments with the National Writing Project. The best part of this experience is that I can still teach my students without negatively impacting their success.


My students enjoy the flexibility to enjoy vacations and travel with their families while working consistently on their writing skills.

Fostering Confidence in Ability

"Cares and works to make sessions valuable and

enjoyable. Session synopsis are thorough and illustrative of the effort

she puts into the session. She's a gem that we hope can continue

with our child during summer break and preparing for SATs and

college essays." ~John W. 

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