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What are your tutoring rates?

What are your tutoring rates? My tutoring services come with a competitive price tag, ensuring the best value for your money. For $400 per month, you'll receive learning materials to support your child between sessions, four one-on-one sessions with me, in addition to 2 hours of personalized planning time.

​With my 22+ years of experience and expertise as a certified National Writing Project teacher, college professor, and former teacher and writer, I am able to close a writing gap in as little as 20 hours of instruction.

​Compared to other tutoring centers like Sylvan, which claims to close the gap one year in 36 hours at $75 per hour, you will save time and money with me.

Fostering Confidence in Ability

"Cares and works to make sessions valuable and

enjoyable. Session synopsis are thorough and illustrative of the effort

she puts into the session. She's a gem that we hope can continue

with our child during summer break and preparing for SATs and

college essays." ~John W. 

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