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College Admissions Essays

Is your high school student gearing up for the college application journey? I understand how essential it is for your child to craft a captivating college admissions essay, personal statement, or statement of purpose. At Write Well Academy, I empathize with the challenges students face and am here to be your trusted advisor every step of the way.

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Why work with a college admissions essay writing expert?

  • Expertise in College Admissions:  In-depth knowledge of the college admissions process, including what colleges are looking for in essays, motivates me to assist students as they create a compelling application.

  • Staying Up-to-Date with Trends: Keeping abreast of the latest trends and changes in college admissions to provide accurate and relevant advice instills confidence in both parents and students as they journey to college acceptance.

  • Results-Oriented: I am dedicated to assisting students to achieve their goals and maximize their chances of acceptance to their desired colleges.

How can my child make a strong impression with their college essay?

  • Topic Selection and Storytelling:  I will assist your child in brainstorming and selecting a compelling topic that showcases their own unique experiences, values, and personality while guiding them in crafting a narrative that effectively communicates their story.  Your child will create a powerful and impactful essay that leaves a lasting impression. 

  • Authenticity and Personal Voice:  With a tutor, your child can embrace their authentic voice in their writing while genuinely expressing their thoughts and emotions. An authentic and personal essay helps admissions officers understand the applicant better, making a strong impression of a student's character and potential.

  • Effective Writing Strategies and Editing:  Students improve their writing skills and techniques through brainstorming, drafting, revision, and editing.  This process ensures that the child's essay is clear, concise, and impactful, making a solid impression on the admissions committee.

Is your child experiencing application-related pressure?

  • Emotional Support and Encouragement:  Working with a tutor provides a supportive and understanding environment where your child feels comfortable expressing their anxieties and fears about the college application process. By being empathetic and offering encouragement, I help alleviate some of the emotional burdens the student may be experiencing. This supportt boosts your child's confidence and motivation, making the process less overwhelming.

  • Time Management and Planning: College applications can be stressful, especially when juggling multiple deadlines and requirements. I guide students in creating a realistic and manageable timeline for completing each aspect of the application process. By breaking tasks down into smaller, achievable goals, the student can feel more in control and less stressed about meeting deadlines.

  • Essay and Application Guidance: The essay is often a significant source of stress for students during the application process. A tutor can provide expert guidance on crafting a compelling and authentic college essay. Walking students through the writing process reduces the pressure of writing the essay and increases your student's confidence in their application.

How can my child ensure their essay is unique?

  • Personal Storytelling Techniques: Working one on one with your child, we will use personal storytelling techniques to make their essay stand out. By helping your child delve into specific experiences, anecdotes, or challenges they have faced, I encourage them to share their own unique perspective. This approach will make the essay more authentic and memorable, setting it apart from generic essays that lack personal depth.

  • Highlighting Individual Achievements and Passions: I encourage students in identifying their individual achievements, talents, and passions. By focusing on what makes your child truly exceptional and emphasizing their personal growth, the essay can become a powerful testament to their uniqueness. Guiding students to articulate these qualities effectively, ensures that the essay highlights the student's distinctive qualities.

  • Emphasizing Future Aspirations: I work to encourage students to communicate their future aspirations and goals clearly. By presenting a clear vision of what your child hopes to achieve and contribute to the college community and beyond, the essay becomes a reflection of the student's unique ambitions. This forward-looking approach showcases the student's individuality and potential impact, making the essay more memorable to admissions officers.

Fostering Confidence in Ability

"Cares and works to make sessions valuable and

enjoyable. Session synopsis are thorough and illustrative of the effort

she puts into the session. She's a gem that we hope can continue

with our child during summer break and preparing for SATs and

college essays." ~John W. 

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